A symbiotic approach to Entrepreneurs-In-Residence programmes

讲座名称: A symbiotic approach to Entrepreneurs-In-Residence programmes
讲座时间 2019-06-03
讲座地点 万博manbetx手机客户端下载管理学院313教室
讲座人 Ricardo Zózimo
讲座题目:A symbiotic approach to Entrepreneurs-In-Residence programmes
讲座时间:2019年6月3日星期一 上午9:30-11:30

讲座人:Ricardo Zózimo


What type of relationship do entrepreneurs forge with business schools? In this paper we critically assess the growth of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence programmes acrossUKbusiness schools by applying a symbiotic theoretical lens to understand how entrepreneurs and Universities engage and co-construct activities and programmes together. Using the case of the longest established programme in theUK, we uncover patterns of symbiosis that regulate living arrangements between creatures of two different species, including mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism. We offer advice to business schools how to develop this type of initiatives constituting favourable rather than least desirable relationships.


Ricardo Zózimo is currently an Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship at NOVA SBE. Recently he has taught at Lancaster   University Management School,UKand HELBUS (A Finish school entirely online). Ricardo’s research focuses on understanding the entrepreneurial mindset and how entrepreneurs learn. He is particularly interested in understanding how the capacity to learn impacts on personal and entrepreneurial performance. Ricardo has been invited to contribute to numerous conferences and recently published on the BBC linking entrepreneurial learning and soccer. Ricardo is an active and enthusiastic mentor of social and commercial entrepreneurs across the world (Portugal,UK,Vietnam,MozambiqueandRwanda).

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